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I'm very pleased to announce the release of my Dogs of the Surfcoast and Bellarine 2018 calendar. What a labour of love it has been so far. I have met so many special dogs (and their humans too!) and received loads of doggie kisses and attention. So far it has been a beautiful experience and one I am super excited about continuing as I still have a very long list of dogs to get through. It has taken me way more time than I anticipated but the plan for a book is still very much alive so don't despair if I didn't get to you yet, your dogs moment in the sun will come! 

The 2018 calendar features 13 (one very special cover model) of the best photos I have of local pooches from the last 9 months.

I am working towards a book but this is a sneak preview of some of the shots. 

Thank you to all the dogs and humans involved, it was a joy to meet you all! I look forward to meeting many more over the next 12 months. 

They are 40 x 25 cms, printed on beautiful high quality paper. Cost is $30 per copy. 

Please contact me should you wish to order 1 or more. 

Woof woof! 



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Ning- the most cherished pet dogs, surf coast, great ocean road, photography, bellarineNing

The one thing owners of pets have to face is that often we will outlive them. I suspect most of us would prefer it that way as the thought of them suffering after we are gone would be awful. The decision to end the life of a pet is agonising, especially as in the case of my old friend Ning, if their mind is still aware. Ning had become old and fragile, was struggling to go without medication and when she struggled to walk at all, I knew I could no longer delay the inevitable without her suffering. It was one of the hardest decisions Ive ever had to make and it has broken my heart. 

Ning came to me 17 years ago as a very lively and energetic young girl when I was living in Lorne. She was somewhere around 1 year old. It took me some time to reign in her over zealous nature, but she tuned into me immediately, and in not too much time she accepted that I was the boss. From that time on she was my loyal companion, going nearly everywhere with me be it work or holidays. At that time I was struggling pretty hard, in the grip of full on depression and anxiety. This pooch kept me going. She was there for me no matter what, always wanting to go for walks, ever happy to be by my side. Without her I may not have made it through the darkness. She was one of my main motivators. 

When I moved to Ocean Grove I came across the Cherished Pet Foundation. Run by vet Alicia Kennedy CP has been set up to help (predominantly) elderly and disabled clients have access to pets, whether it be their own when they cant continue to care for them, or a visit from dogs like Snowy and Twiggy. This is an invaluable service to our community and one that I support as much as I can, and indeed at the end, I needed the support of Alicia to help me end Nings life at home. 

Although Ning was not part of the CP team, she did the same job for me and she was definitely my cherished pet whom i loved dearly. Her passing has affected me deeply and I will miss her forever. 

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dogs, surf coast, great ocean road, photography, bellarineFenton

I met a dog last week that was pretty special.

His name is Fenton, and he is a Burnese Mountain Dog. 

He was extremely well behaved, sat very still for an extended period of time which might have been good training, or maybe it was the dog treats in my pocket. 

Anyhow, I got some fantastic photos of this lovely pooch. :)

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Woof woof I love dogs. All of them. I am a complete sucker for a fuzzy face and a wagging tail. The region I live in has one of the highest dog:human ratios in the country and seeing as I like photographing them so much, I thought I would put the word out for a book of dogs that live on the Surfcoast and the Bellarine. The response was overwhelming. 

So, I will be posting a picture here every week or so with some details about the dog. 

Keep a watch out! 


Lottie. Whats not to love. Lottie is a big chunk of doggie love, a really affectionate pooch. I think bull terriers have a bad reputation through misinformation, I have known a few and they are all sweeties! Lottie loved having her tummy rubbed. She was not quite so comfortable with the waves...

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